Judge and you will be judged. Peer review.

What is the main component of a successful project? Is it a brilliant idea? The answer is both yes and no.  “Music crosses the ocean” is a short documentary about Chinese orchestra that has a tour to Melbourne.  This film complies with the conditions of the task – being multicultural.  The group has found an interesting topic and attractive people to shoot. They have done a great job with footage: excellent framing and variety of angles. However the rough cut was only at the initial stage, so it was a little bit hard to understand what was the project about.

First, the absence of narration and graphics made the documentary unclear. At least there should have been several titles with a description or any other comments.  Second, music in the film was random and not related to the topic. Even though the group was going to change it to the original music, they might have had several problems with editing, because music determines the rhythm. Finally, interviews sometimes are the basis of a film and they help to compose a documentary. As there were no interviews at all it seemed to be disorganized and unfinished.  Anyway, it is a strong idea that needs to be improved.

 “The one” is a public service announcement for people to stop blaming the appearance. The protagonist is a girl with a scar on her face who struggles to find empathy. The strongest point of the video is people’s reaction on the street. The group has captured actual face expressions and showed intolerance towards people with specific appearance. The weakest point is the music – it would be hard to receive the permission to use this recognizable song. Perhaps, they will need to change the music. 

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