What is the aim of MortalCultural Kitchen?

When we started our work on the cooking show we did not expect it to transform into a parody. Our comedy suddenly turned out to be a reality-show with a lethal outcome. How did it happen? At first, we were sharing funny videos to the group in order to find something suitable for us. As it is said here There are infinite ways you can tell the same story”. So, we have tried to combine all the clichés’ and repeatedly used methods to create something new.  Almost half of what we can see on the screen is remakes of old movies and never-ending sequels of high-grossing films. It does not mean that modern media has nothing new to offer; it is a way people overrate past experience.  In addition, trash as a genre is becoming more popular and attracts TV-viewers. It talks to youngsters in a manner that is suitable for this generation.  The concept of MortalCultural Kitchen is simple and understandable for our target audience.

Trash by itself has neither intellectual nor moral values. However, its aim is to make fun of ridicules trends of contemporary television and filmmaking industry.  A vivid example of  a successful trash serial is “South Park”. It made a step forward over time and had evolved from a parody to a violent satire based on up-to-day problems. “South Park” is often blamed for its dark humor, despite it delivers a clear message.   Unfortunately, MortalCultural Kitchen is only a parody cooking show without any profound meaning. We made a joke, we made people laugh, but we did not make them think.  Even if it is not important for a trailer (as it is a short video that introduces the show), it is crucial for the project in general.  Perhaps, we should have taken into consideration political or cultural context to make our video more significant and urgent.

MortalCulural Kitchen is a multicultural TV show.






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