An enthusiastic editor or how I felt in love with television.

Reflection on the course

Should I reevaluate my expectations of the course? 3 months ago I wrote about breathtaking journey to a wonderland. Television and moviemaking industry were always my obsession.  I am passionate about editing. I am fascinated by a process of creating something from nothing.

No one taught me how to edit or how to make a news report. 17-year-old-girl I have found myself with 3 hours of footage, mysterious Adobe Premiere Pro and incomprehension of what was going on.  Someone explained me the principle of action of two tools in the program – a razor and a selection tool, and I was happy to get this information. I had spent two weeks trying not to go insane in the world of television, and when I got used to it, I understood that there is no time left to learn.  And now, many years later, I can take my time and enjoy new experience.  

During this course I have learned how to act during the pre-production period; I have tried to use effects which I would never use for news programs; I have overcome my fear of color correction. Finally, I have gained an experience in editing with other people and I have found that together we can come up with many great ideas.

There was one thing that I did not expect from Sound and Image. I was not ready to write about production and reflect on editing. I have never paid attention to which tools I use and how I create something – it happens automatically and subconsciously. During this course I trained myself to think about my actions and to remember the solutions of ordinary issues. It is not that easy.  For several months I was looking for a reason why we should write reflections, and suddenly I have found an answer. Many reporters face a problem of explanation to an editor how they want to organize their video. They can imagine the final cut in their mind but they do not know in what words they should describe it. A writing habit makes explanations simple.  I can say that writing was my challenge (and it is still a challenge) but I hope that one day it will to become my personal achievement.



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