The sound of lies. Forbidden Lies.

Forbidden Lies

This episode from the film investigation “Forbidden Lies” by Anna Broinowski, based on a story described in a book “Forbidden Love”, has a very complicated sound structure. Apart from music we can hear all the possible types of a sound. The plot was constructed by the combination of interviews, voice over, recordings of telephone conversations and dialogs. Moreover, there is an ambient sound which is supplemented with a huge foley collection. Besides, to build this sound construction, editors might have used more than 5 layers at the same time.

This complexity illustrates a reconstruction episode in a barber salon: we hear a voice over, music, mixed with a layered voice singing “pom pom…” and noises of shaving instruments, recorded in a studio.

I cannot ignore an episode, when an interviewee and a filmmaker reed a fragment from the book together. It is not about layers – there are only two sound paths – it is about sound synchronization.  Perhaps, the director, while recording narration was listening a recording of an interviewee’s voice, to get into the rhythm and to fallow pauses and intonations.

There are also some artificial SFX that seems to be created electronically, for instance, the twisting moment with a grape or a sound of a shining tooth. After listening for a while it becomes recognizable, that the tooth sounds like someone clicked on a glass.

The telephone call on a street probably has been recorded in a studio by a guest actor. Then they added noises to the sound to make it similar to a phone call. Another way to record it is to connect a telephone to a sound recording program and while editing combine two audio waves (an interviewee’s and an interviewer’s).

This sound overload makes the film peculiar and funny. It is obvious that the filmmaker has a good sense of humor and makes a joke on the book. And spectators know how the lie sounds.


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